Women's Ministry (Esther's Court)

Our Mission is to empower, strengthen and encourage women to their full potential in God. Helping women gain knowledge and understanding of their purpose and use their unique gifts to harvest other women for the Kingdom of God.


Men's Ministry

Our goal is to provide a Bible-based foundation that builds to four pillars of a man: King, Warrior, Mentor and Friend.


Kingdom Children's Ministry

We build up our children and sow good seeds by cultivating the minds of our next generation of leaders ages 6-12, while providing an interactive learning environment and teaching strong biblical disciplines.    


Kingdom Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Enrichment Ministry seeks to help your marriage go off-the charts! We lay out God's original design for marriage, oneness, leaving, cleaving, love, respect, honoring and submitting…Gods way. Our dynamic teaching includes biblical instruction, humor, short video clips, drama and couple interaction.


Kingdom Youth Leadership (ages 17-37)

This ministry is designed to help the Millennials identify their purpose and pushing them beyond their limits. We will show them how to lead with understanding, dignity and integrity.


Kiss God Singles Ministries

Our mission at KISS GOD is to help cultivate confidence with every single man and every single woman through intimacy with God.

Our vision is to see singles Kiss God, so that they will stop “kissing” the wrong people and having the wrong relationships. 

KISS GOD seminars are designed to help individuals fall in love with God, build healthy relationships, evaluate your current relationships, and find purpose in God while waiting for His will to be done.  The objective of the seminars is to help singles learn how to develop character discernment and all that is needed to prevent them from repeating past relationship mistakes.

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