The History of Visions of God Family Worship

Zechariah 4:10 (TLB) says, “Do not despise this small beginning, for the eyes of the Lord rejoice to see the work begin…” The unrelenting work of Pastors Paul & Sharon Dean began in January of 1998 at 66 Diven Street in Springfield, New Jersey, within the modest 1,054 square foot home.  Their quaint home became a spiritual training center for Christians.  The two-room (living/dining room) sanctuary extended by a staircase balcony and kitchen overflow-room, became a house of healing, deliverance and miraculous works.

Initially starting the ministry with eleven dedicated members, the number outgrew the house by leaps and bounds within a short period of time.  The room full of people that congregated within the Dean’s home could not match the womb full of people that dwelled within their hearts.  With a large influx of people regularly attending weekly bible study meetings, the 5-room home soon became too small.

On February 22, 1998 Pastors Paul & Sharon Dean stepped out on faith and established Visions of God Family Worship Church with 50 dedicated members within a hotel’s conference room.  The Holiday Inn became the stomping ground for this new life-changing ministry.  The young but promising congregation successfully created a spiritually empowering environment that since changed the hotel’s atmosphere forever through prayer, praise and the preached Word of God.  The church’s faithfulness to the unadulterated Word of God led to the steady growth of membership.

In 1999, Pastors Paul & Sharon Dean once again received favor from the Lord with the promise of a new church home.  Evangel Baptist Church embraced the VOGFW Family with open arms.  Since that time, the church’s purpose has further been established and its vision made clear.  In September 2005, through the leading of the Lord, VOGFW transitioned to a new home at Ministerio Puerto de Paz in Elizabeth, NJ.

The hallmark of Pastor Paul’s ministry is his compelling love, through Christ, for healing hurting hearts.  The vision of the church is “Raising People of Power to Build A Great Church To Fulfill The Great Commission.”  As a result, the ministry has earned a reputation for deep healing and changed lives.  The ministry’s willingness to squarely confront issues often considered off limits in the church has brought welcomed news to many, that the Gospel is relevant in the lives of God’s people.

With a membership attendance growing weekly, VOGFW continues to grow at a rapid pace.  Why? VOGFW is a purpose-driven church that is dedicated to meeting the needs of all people through some of the following ministries: men’s and women’s fellowship, married and singles fellowship, youth ministry, children’s church and several other needs-based groups.  These various groups encourage spiritual growth in each person that leads to a life of purpose, personal fulfillment and the power to help others.

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